Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 29, 2016


Saturday I rented a big truck and tried to empty two storage buildings along with my garage of all the “scout stuff” that needs to make the move. I have been diagnosed with a very common illness among Scouting collectors. I won’t throw anything away! Everything from Jamboree newspapers to coffee mugs and tons of books are included in the boxes and boxes of stuff I keep lugging around.

I’ve been buy buying small collections for years and of course most come with some neckerchiefs, uniforms and books that aren’t’ very sexy for the eBay market. So those got put in boxes and those boxes kept multiplying til yesterday became the reckoning day for all the “scout crap” (my wife’s term for it). Well what happens next? To most of my thread head friends this sounds like a good problem to have.

Well since I can’t have my own TOR like Chris Jensen and blow stuff out in silent auctions. AND I can’t have a preNOAC yard sale like TSPA did last summer I guess I’ll have to figure out some alternatives. Can you sell Boy Scout handbooks on eBay? Will some people in the SPC Facebook Group buy merit badge pamphlets? These are the questions I hope to answer this summer and into the fall as I have all this stuff under one roof after the move.

Thankfully its not all Cub Scout ribbons and Trails End hat pins in there. I do have multiple boxes of patches that are waiting to be sorted. When I was packing I found a $1000 OA flap that I had forgotten about so I know there is good stuff at the bottom of the Rubbermaid totes. eBay has helped me out by moving the line on “free” store listings to 10k. All this means I better have a comfortable computer chair because I’m going to be spending a lot of time in front of a screen trying to make sure that I never have to move the bulk of this stuff again!






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