Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 7, 2019

I’ve had fun playing with different patch designs and going back and forth with a shirt company.  But with staff week a little more than a month from now I have to pull the trigger and make the call.  Unfortunately, one company that I spent a lot of time working with fell through.  So Wednesday I’m going to drive down to Columbia to a trade show so I can touch and try on everything to make some decisions.

One of the fun graphic projects I took on early was creating a brand logo for Camp Barstow.  I’m someone who loves history so with the help of Jason Shull I was able to get my graphic artist to recreate the original camp patch from 1930.  Going to the Florida trade show last year I saw that most camps had a brand logo that didn’t change every year.  My hope is over time this classic design will help set that mark for Barstow.

This is the latest mock up I have for our camp patch.  Although it may be hard to see it actually features a pretty cool hidden gem.  Instead of the good old Indian in a canoe on the water we have a pontoon boat.  That’s our big addition to the fleet this summer.  The weekend of May 17th I’ll get to take a ride on our new boat named ALOHA. 

Over on my patchblanket.com store I’ve got 168 live auctions running with more launching tonight. Today I’m focused on listing since most of my day tomorrow will be tied up in driving back and forth. Listing is kinda like doing your homework – it’s not necessarily fun but keeps the bills paid.

I sent some lodge flaps in for Brad England’s blind OA flap trade.  Sometimes when you buy collections you send up with a bunch of flaps from the same lodge.  The ones I set in were really pretty good flaps but when you have 40-50 of a single flap what else can you do but trade them out?




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