Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 10, 2016


Nick Wolf is taking preorders for his new Patch Trading blankets. If you haven’t seen them check out his website where he is promoting them. Basically he is trying to solve an age old problem at the Jamboree and TORs. How can you have a patch trading blanket that keeps the patches protected. It’s a clever idea and I’m going to order some for myself.

I’ve always felt like the Hot Finds was a place where I could shine a spotlight on people doing interesting things in the hobby. Nick’s new blanket is one of those things that can encourage more young guys to get excited about patch trading and I’m all about that. I’ve had Nick on as a guest on my podcast and I’m sure when I get it kicked back off in late summer 2016 he will be on again.

Another product that has been very popular in my neck of the woods is the patch portfolios that John Pleasants is selling. I know of several collectors that are using these to store their collections and everybody is pretty happy with them. Sure it’s an off the shelf product but it works great for our hobby and he’s done a good job promoting them. You can find out more at his website.

The best entrepreneur for making products for the hobby is Chris Jensen. At one time he told me his company has sold something like 100,000 of his Boxware frames. While that’s his most popular product he has also made the now hard to find “black boxes” and other display cases. I probably have dozens of Boxware at my house and as some of you know even developed some cool frames to use them as a display.

I have not made any physical products for the hobby but as many of you know I did create a series of pricing guides before Brett Estrade figured out how to do that in an easy to use website. My price guides captured all sales data for one year on eBay and filled a gap in the hobby that at the time nobody was on top of. You can see my project at the blog site ScoutingHotFinds.com.







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