Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 14, 2019

The other store that I’ve been growing is ScoutPatchHQ.  It is a little confusing to have an eBay account with the same name as my shopify store.  If I get to thinking one day I may change that.  Maybe something like 5dollarpatchstore would be a better user name as that is the strategy I’m going with on that one. My daughter is helping list things there to pay her bills and have spending money.

So these little side deals probably begs the question why not just keep everything on the main account?  I’ve been on santeeswapper and had my Patchblanket.com eBay storefor decades now?  It’s really about trying to balance fees, consignment items and exploring eBay marketing. By having these other accounts I can avoid some eBay fees so that’s probably the #1 reason.

Now if I was really good I would also be adding items to my shopify store off eBay.  I’ve really slowed down on that one as I’ve been testing out auctions and seeing what is the best mix.  There is no doubt that eBay gets way more traffic than my ScoutpatchHQ Store but it still has a future. 

So in the near term I’m running consignment items on my main store and trying to build up the others to get them to plateau at the right eBay fee targets.  eBay thinks 1,000 items is the right number for their premium level and I want to get there soon for the $5 dollar store.  My goal is to get oapatch to 10k items by the end of the year.   That’s a big goal!

This weekend I’ve got a staff work weekend on tap.  We are bringing the whole staff together about a month out from the first campers arriving.  This will allow us to get some much needed projects done and make more progress on lesson plans and curriculum development.




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