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I get interesting emails from Bruce McCrea that I like to turn into patchblanket posts so that others can share and comment on. Here is one that I recently received. Click on the text links to follow the title over to eBay and see the listing.


Girl Scout Bugle sells for $238.39 with 3 bidders over $225 at Vintage Girl Scouts Brass Trumpet Bugle WWI Era Rare@@@ I am still waiting for a Thank You from the seller. He had this listed as a Boy Scout bugle at Vintage U.S Boy Scouts Brass Trumpet Bugle WWI Era NoRe and it had a few low bids when I emailed him telling him it is a Girl Scout bugle which is much rarer. As a result of my message, he closed that auction and relisted. I was amazed how high the bidding went.


If the Rexcraft BSA bugle at Rexcraft Official Boy Scouts of America Brass Bugle! is worth $160, the one at Rexcraft Official Bugle Boy Scouts of America should go over $200. It looks to be in perfect shape with the original mouthpiece and the chain still connecting the bugle and the mouthpiece.


The “Antique Boy Scout Doorstop” at is actually a Sea Scout bookend.


I have several of the old molds that make 5 lead Boy Scouts. My Scouts regularly make a set of Boy Scouts with far less than $1.00 worth of lead. That makes 1930s lot of 7 metal Boy Scout Figures & tent c9 the most overpriced lot of the week.





The Girl Scout bugle story is pretty funny. Next time, he should simply buy it himself and resell it. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a thank you. It will come right after the check splitting the profits.

The lead Boy Scout figures listing is misleading. I would have assumed that those were cast circa 1930, not brand new castings from a 1930’s mold. Buyer beware I guess.

By ISCA87L on May 13th, 2010 at 3:21 pm

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