1 Bid Takes Home The Prize

Its always interesting to see when you have auctions that sell for good $$ but only garner 1 bid.  The ones that I spotted for this post sold last week and are really well sought after items.  The Jamboree shoulder patches are in really good shape and depending on the region and troop # these can go for as much as twice what this pair did.  The SM book is really beat up but for a serious collector it was still a find.


1935 National Jamboree Region 2 Troop Arc – Scout

1935 National Jamboree Region 7 Troop Arc – Scout

Genuine 1948 15th National Meeting Felt Patch

Rare 1913 Proof Edition Handbook for Scoutmasters!





Unfortunately, my son experienced a theft of his pahtecs and fraud too. Several of his pahtecs were stolen off his blanket by one scout as another distracted him and he fell victim to fraud when scouts traded knock off pahtecs with him (that were later confisticated which made the pain worse!). He is somewhat bitter about all this and told me he can’t trust anyone. Sadly, it’s hard for me to tell him otherwise. He also told me he may have to pull latrine guard duty because of vandalism. I should point out, HE IS HAVING A GREAT TIME at the Jamboree and hopes to return in 2013. However, he will wisely guard his pahtecs and other valuables. I would like to suggest a penalty to Troops which have bad apples. Not unlike the NCAA, where when a member of a team is caught cheating, the team is elminated from bowl games for a certain period, I think troops should be banned from a future Jamboree. I know this is harsh, but THIS PENALTY WILL BE VERY EFFECTIVE. My son experienced a well thought out coordianted theft of his pahtecs and fraud. Scouts buying knockoff pahtecs are planning a theft in advance. The Troops should be held responsible. Sorry, tough love is a form of love that works.Bob

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