5×2.5 Inches of Embroidered Firepower

That’s the typical measurements of a standard flap and certainly the ones I turned up this week on eBay were packing some punch.  Most were snatched up with BINs except for the Lodge 10 Sassacus which saw some competitive bidding.  The person you might calling the losing bidder bid multiple times including three in the last hour but wasn’t willing to spend the $$ to break the hold that the high bidder kept to the end.


Tulpe Lodge 245 F1 First Flap Mint
OA 10 Sassacus Flap
OA 552 Eckale Yakanen First Flap
OA 316 Quekolis First Flap





/ Hi travelers..I just want to say a big Hello from Athens!!..I hope you are in a good shape and in a good mood..Aki,my fernid..Yes,you seem to be pessimistic..!!Don’t do that please!!!I know it’s difficult to get used in a different style of life after a world around trip..But you must feel blessed for that,and for all these moments of traveling..Every day it’s a new day my fernid..My proposal is to start writing a book for your journey around the world with Voula..!!Yes !!We want that..!!With more personal feelings and thoughts from your life trip..Think about it!!I just finished reading Hlias Vroxidis book..Great trip and great writing..!!Aki And Voula I send my love from mother Greece and i wish you the best!!You are Rock!!:))))LeonidasAthens,GreeceP.S Aki your best wild picture is unbelievable men!!!!What a moment!!!

By Roiber on September 5th, 2012 at 8:28 am

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