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You know I love a good mixed lot.  The leader on this post was one of those that was is in the Hot Finds and at first glance you might wonder why.  That thumbnail makes it look like a pretty weak group with cub scout n/c slides and a Webelos shoulder flash.  But wait – what is that interesting medal in the top right hand corner?  Is that…could it be…yes it is!  The other one in this group that was a surprise was #4.  At first glance you say okay an explorer shirt and one of those awful baseball caps (in this case brown).  What could be so special in there.  But the title contains a big clue “Kamargo” as in OA Lodge 294 that merged in 2002.  But I’m still at a lost for what drove this auction so high because when I checked on oaimages the two flaps (and these are sewn) are worth less than $20 each.  So collectors out there – what gives?


**Used Assorted Lot of Boy Scout Slides, Awards, Pins

16 Boy Scout Patches Vintage 1926 Lot NR Nos

Vintage 1940’s Boy Scout Lot of 63 Pins, Patches, Paper

BSA: Lot of Old Scout Uniforms: Kamargo/ Camp Russell+B

Lot (61) World Boy Scout Patches from all over world NR





Jeremy Slaybaugh / In this instance, I’m in agneemert with Darlene. This isn’t just “male and female” children playing together it has the potential to become a nasty situation very quickly. I wonder how great people would feel this idea was if they happened to find this boy (because he is a boy, genetically/physically) playing doctor with any of these girls his own age?Would people all still be applauding these brave parents for their decision, or would it suddenly take on a much darker tone?

By Tayavarin on September 7th, 2012 at 12:51 am

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