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Every issue of the Hot Finds Newsletter includes Eagle Scout memorabilia. Whether it be a great old sash like the lead-off auction below or a sterling silver medal or square rank patch. Several of these top selling Eagle listings from the last month were Hot Finds picks when they were live and I’m happy to come back later and see how well they did at auction.


1920s Eagle Scout Group, Photo of Scout Type 2A Medal +


Vintage 10K Gold Boy Scout Eagle Ring



Early Boy Scout Eagle Pin Sterling Silver w/ Parents Pin


1920’s Type 1 Eagle Scout Patch – Scout


Old Eagle Scout Medal with Green Box – Boy Scouts BSA


Boy Scouts Eagle Scout Patch c. 1925 BSA Eagle Insignia





Just some probably worthless trivia maybe connected to that first badge– the one with the kid’s picture… i tried to enlarge the photo enough to see the community strip, but no luck– i was curious if that badge was local to where the ebay seller was– King’s Mtn. North Carolina…

In my last assignement as a DE, i was the exec. for the county that included King’s Mtn. One of the troops in King’s Mtn was acknowledged by national as being the oldest scout troop in the US. Yeah, I know some others claim that as well… and perhaps they could be the oldest in the BSA or something, but this troop operated for two years *before* the BSA was founded, with a Charter from England, signed by B-P himself.

The city had a community “Scout Committee”, mostly centered around the troop committee of this unit and the Lutheran Church that sponsored it. This committee had been in existance since at least the ’20’s, and their main task was overseeing a ‘community’ scout camp of their own, which was open to all the local troops, as well as the girl scouts! One of my tasks as the DE of that area was trying to assist in negotiating for them to donate the property to the local council, since most of the committee was dying off. When i left the council, it was still under negotiation– there were some legal problems mostly due to the fact that several committee members had died off in a short period of time, and they could no longer form a quarum to either vote in new committe members, or divest themselves of the property.

but in doing all of this, as well as my natural curiosity, i talked to at least three members of that original troop… this was in the ’70’s, so there were still a few alive and well.. i spent an entire afternoon with one old gentleman who remembered that “B-P Charter” in the troop meeting room, even after the troop was taken in by BSA, and he told me about them all getting new badges and such when the changeover happened. Apparently they had been ordering badges and supplies from England as well… he also told me about being in the troop with his brothers, and some of the hikes and camps that they went on…

it was quite a privledge talking with this old man (he was around 80 at the time), and hearing about his early scouting adventures, truly from the pioneering days not only of BSA, but Scouting itself.

so i saw that badge being sold by someone in King’s Mtn and couldn’t help but wonder if that badge was local, and who that scout was….


By hiker on June 13th, 2010 at 11:24 pm

Was the troop number 7? That is clear enough in the photograph. Oddly enough, there is no mention on the internet of a troop from King’s Mountain being the oldest troop in the US. There are claims from Vermont, Oklahoma, New York, and Pennsylvania, but nothing from North Carolina.

By ISCA87L on June 14th, 2010 at 3:54 am

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