Pulling The $5,000 BIN Trigger

As much as I watch eBay its been awhile since anybody scooped up a $5k patch on a buy-it-now listing.  That all changed on June 10 when the Sanhican R1 listed on eBay found a new home.  What recession?  But I also found another pair of OA listings which Ben Bernanke might want to look at when gauging the health of this hobby.


OA 2 Sanhican R1 Merged George Washington BSA NJ
Boy Scout Camp Tesomas WI Solder Patch 1941 Order Arrow
WWW Sinawa Lodge 73 Neckerchief S-11






Hello Cathy,We have some girl scouts conmig to help us Saturday at our Sew Fest, and I am going to pass this along to their leader. I hope they will purchase these for the girls. I would if I could. Do they come to this site and place the order for the patches?Thank You,Rhnee

By Poornima on July 7th, 2012 at 3:55 pm

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