The Results Are In: Mixed Lots Win

This week there were many mixed lots that I was following in the Hot Finds newsletter. I spotted four that closed within a range of $50 of each other. Is there a reason all these were so close together. I always have to ask for some feedback on these types of listings to see if you agree with the final price or did somebody get a bargain?


6 OA Patches Lodge 442, Ump Quah, 95, 175, Lakota


Huge Lot 15 Vintage Boy Scout Scarf Scarves One is 1935


Lot Old Vintage Boy Scout Badges Yukon Trek 1955 1960’s


Lot 15 Vintage Boy Scout Badges Alaska 1953 Twin Lakes





Three of the lots have nice OA or insignia that could explain the winning bids, but the top one with the six OA activity patches puzzles me. (The one unidentified camporee patch could be considered a Siwinis 252 patch.) $255? For what?

By ISCA87L on June 18th, 2010 at 1:52 am

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