How Many Sharks Are In The Ocean?

Now I know that the classic Malibu is a pretty OA flap. But just how many can one seller put up for auction. When does our appetite for these sharks dry up? Check out rumphman57 and his endless horde of Malibu flaps!


Boy Scout Huge Lot 200 WWW OA Flaps


Boy Scout 100 Malibu Lodge 566 OA WWW Red & White Flaps


Boy Scout Hugh Malibu Lodge 566 Red & White OA Flaps


Boy Scout 100 Malibu Lodge 566 OA WWW Red & White Flaps


Boy Scout Malibu WWW OA Lodge 566 Flaps






I never understood the hype behind the flap. At the 89 Jamboree I was watching a guy trade 4 or 5 for 1 of the famous Malibu Flap, well I said it was a pretty patch, but my flap is(was) just as pretty. I am from the old Shawnee 109, and I felt like our flaps were just as pretty and nice and just as good looking. I still feel that way. When I pulled out my red traders, people started handing me 4 or 5 flaps, and the other guy walked away mad. Thanks Ted

By oyovigil on July 7th, 2009 at 12:43 pm

The hype is because the design is excellent, the flap has 17 colors, it embodies Southern California, and sharks are cool. Every kid that has ever laid eyes on one has immediately wanted it. Since 1973 hundreds of thousands of them have been traded, all with basically the original design. In fact, the last US census records that the average American household makes $32,140, has 2.1 children, and owns 3.7 Malibu flaps. :p

This particular seller has so many it seems like he’s dipped into a manufacturer’s overruns, don’t you think?

By ISCA87L on July 7th, 2009 at 11:37 pm

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