Pre-NOAC OA Category Report


I really wanted to post a report on this category before the NOAC wave hits. During and immediately after NOAC I will submit more updates to help people see the wave of auctions as the patches get out from MSU.


If you’re wondering if eBay sales have really started picking up in this category in anticipation of the event the answer is no. During the last three months sales averaged betwen 1,400 – 1,600 items sold most weeks. Just in the last week the sales dropped by almost 200 items from the previous week. Its hard to pull out which patches that sold were NOAC items. However, searching the key word “NOAC” sales have increased by 10% each week since early July. Still in the last week the total sales on this key word was 232 items.


Over the last three months the category has completed sales totaling $346,208. This represents total auction sales of 15,750 items at an average price of $20.85. The success rate for auctions was 56%. In eBay stores the total sales were 1,632 at an average price of $10.92.


Here are the OA items which have sold for over $1,000 during the last three months.


Boy Scout Calusa OA Lodge 219 F1 (First Flap)


Monsey Lodge 543 OA F1 Patch on 59-60 Scranton Uniform


Vintage OA Checote Lodge 154 F1a Oklahoma Arrow Order


BSA Tichora Lodge WWW OA 1955 1st Event Flap F1 Dead MT


Catawba Lodge #459 J1 First Back Patch, Mint






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