Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 5, 2015


Well this is my weekend project if you can believe that. The panoramic photo shows part of my 10 year accumulation of buying collections that never got sorted. I am staging everything and trying to process each plastic bin you see in order to get ready for the NOAC TOR. Wish me luck!

So the goal is to come to NOAC with everything sorted but not necessarily individually priced. So for example someone walks up and says hey I collect wooden N/C slides I can reach back and hand them a box full of them. Same thing with lots of other small niches like Neal Slides or coins or belt buckles. This should make for an interesting show!

I rented 3 wall tables from Chris Jensen and I hope to bring some plastic shelving units that I can sit behind my table. I’m starting to wonder how all this is going to fit into my SUV. The determination is that if I’m going back to teaching and can’t list all this stuff individually on the Internet to sell (that was the plan) I can make one hell of a TOR set up with all this inventory.

I shot another angle just to give you a better visual of what I’m up against. I had stuff scattered in three or four different places but now its all lined up in one staging area. I am separating out some trading stock from the bins too but mostly this is going on my tables at the TOR. Yesterday I got my daughter to help me sort the odd ball stuff like hat pins, medals, coins etc. She picked out a few keepers for her own collection of course. We plan to get back on it today after church and lunch to reduce the pile a little bit more.

By the end of the day I should be getting a lot closer to another one of my goals. With some stuff I have ready to launch my eBay store at will have 9,000 live items in it. The goal is to have 10,000 items in the store before I go back to the classroom and I can see the end of the tunnel.






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