Top 10 OA Issues on eBay!

OA is usually the top selling variety of Scouting memorabilia on eBay. So a check of the Top 10 items from the last thirty days brings in some whoppers. Surprisingly there were only four flaps on the list. Perhaps some of these other issues were issued earlier than flaps and are very scarce.


Lodge 246 A1 Wakoda Extremely Rare ~ Mint Condition


OA 96 Tesomas Patch


OA Lodge 138 Daw-Zu S1b 123mm First Flap FF


OA 355 Nanuk Odd-shape


OA~Lodge 512 Wah Pi Kaw Me Kunk ~ First Flap F1


OA 62 Shaginappi Pie


OA 483 Chanco Flap


OA 197 Waupecan Pie


OA 518 Tisquantum First Flap


OA 151 Marnoc WAB





Awesome! I guess the recession is over. Or even worse, maybe the recession is depressing the prices of these patches and they’ll become even more unattainable when the economy recovers!

By ISCA87L on July 13th, 2009 at 9:42 pm

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