Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 7, 2015


This week I reached a major personal milestone on eBay. My eBay store at www.Patchblanket.com went over 9,000 live items. I have nearly completed rolling everything over from the store I shut down. This week the push has been over 1600 shoulder strips including FOS, JSP and more. Before NOAC the project will be complete and the total should be over 10,000.

As I’ve said before I’m the crash test dummy in this hobby for trying websites, stores, and other ways to play with patches on the Internet. My most recent experiment is re-purposing my .url website address ScoutPatchHQ.com. Since I retired the large store that I was building there I now have that address pointing to a micro-store that sits on my Facebook business page. When I say “micro” think like 6 items.

So what I’m experimenting with this time is a long dreamed of solution for patch collectors….a Facebook store. I needed a place to list the Scout Patch Collectors OA centennial patch and it made sense to group it with the older patches issued for the group. So instead of giving people a complicated explanation of how to land on the “shop tab” of my business page I now have that linked in when you click on the .url ScoutPatchHQ.com.

So the next question some of you want to know is how is it going? Should I build my own Facebook store? Well let me say this. On the days that I didn’t have a link pinned to the top of the Facebook group my traffic count was “0”. That’s a sad statistic. Nobody is going to visit a Facebook store buried on your business page unless you are willing to constantly promote it (possibly to the annoyance of others).

The other problem is that the layout doesn’t really lend itself to lots of categories and lots of items for sale. I’ve got just enough items listed so that they all show on the front page of the store and that’s probably the best set up in my opinion. If you decide to experiment with a FB store let me know how it goes.






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