August 11-16 eBay Scoreboard Update

The purpose of the eBay scoreboard is to keep tabs on what the best selling 2009 NOAC items are on eBay.  This installment features some really nice items that sparked some small bidding skirmishes that helped push them to the top.


OA Amangi Nacha Lodge 47 Complete NOAC Set
Malibu OA Lodge #566 2009 NOAC Delegate 2 piece Set
Tannu Lodge 346 NOAC 2009 Back Patch Order of the Arrow
OA Quinipissa Lodge 479 ORG/BRD 2009 NOAC Set 50 Made
Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge 558 2009 NOAC Patch Set
Nentego Lodge 20 NOAC 2009 Full Set – 5 Two-Piece Flaps
OA #498 Achpateuny Lodge 2009 NOAC Set of 7 Flaps





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