August 26th eBay Scoreboard – The Hits Roll On!

Maybe its because the dates that I targeted from August 21-25 straddled a weekend but there are still many NOAC issues selling for over $100 on eBay.   In fact the Black Eagle flap listed on top is probably The Best issue I’ve seen on eBay sell for the 2009 NOAC!


OA 482 Black Eagle Lodge BEL 2009 NOAC Contingent Flap

OA 2009 NOAC Amangi Nacha 47 2004 NOAC 2 piece 6 Made
Achewon Netopalis 2009 NOAC 2 Peice Delegate Patch Rare
OA 2009 NOAC Amangi Nacha 47 Fundraiser Silver Boarder
Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge 209 NOAC 2009
Tannu Lodge 346 NOAC 2009 Back Patch Order of the Arrow
OA 482 Black Eagle Lodge (BEL) 2009 NOAC





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