Flaps Gone Wild!!!


It is my opinion that lodge flaps have gone ridiculously crazy in the past 10 years!


Lets first visit the idea of spoof flaps usually issued for jamboree or noac as a “trader flap” from individuals whose lodge produces no issue for the event or a very restricted issue and they use them as trade fodder….the issue represents the creator’s creative imagination usually.


Then comes commerative issues for lodge dedications of dining halls, campfire arena’s, etc…many examples of this exist but i am going to give props to wahissa lodge 118 and not the first patch they have honored some one on either.


Then came along the fundraiser flap a good example of that is the breast cancer flap issued by Japeechen Lodge 341


Next in line comes to mind a flap created by a lodge for a national event with very small delegations from other lodges Klahican Lodge 331 gets this honor for the 2007 ncls


Currently nentico lodge 12 has a guy named jim greenbeck who is so proud of his service to his lodge for 50 years he made his own flap


And last but not least the newest idea i have ever seen is from catawba lodge 459 their lodge advisor bill kennedy is marrying nancy carrol another member of Catawba Lodge and they are issuing a flap and a dangle


My question to you fellow thread heads is have some people or lodges gone to far to be different, unique, or simply the first to do so?





I’d like to respond to your post from purely the collectors point of view. Let me begin by saying that an OA lodge should always be a youth-run organization. As such if the boys want to make something and are behind it then why not. Some of the examples you list are really strange but ok maybe the youth leaders of these lodges are having fun.

Now with that disclaimer out of the way…I think all this sucks. I have talked to several collectors who lament all this new stuff and scratch their heads. Several have stopped or are talking about cutting off thier collections at a random date. The big Topkis collection cut off around 1976 as a general rule. I think the big John Conley Williams collection cut off around 1990. I’ve had numerous talks with collectors about stopping a lodge collection at the year 2000. It just gets to the point when you ask yourself why in the heck should I pay $$$ for S90 something issued as a joke or to be cute. A wedding flap…come on you’re kidding right!?! How many of us have been stung buying the fundraiser flaps or super limited delegate flaps? The Santee S16 and S17 flaps started off at $100 for a set. By the time the lodge was desperate to get rid of them five years later you could get the S16 for $10 and the S17 for $5. The most recent example is the suposed super-rare Tsali 134 NOAC flaps from 2002. One border had only forty made with the other border having sixty. I guess somebody forgot to tell that to the eBay seller Patch-works out in Canada who has been offering them up one after the other for a starting bid of $3. Oh I’m sorry did you buy yours back when they came out for $200 or more when you thought they were limited edition. Maybe you can thank somebody in Tsali for that one.

Don’t get me started on Skyuka 270. I collect this lodge and dearly treasure having a nearly complete collection. However, how many chapter patches can these people crank out. It seems like these days every single chapter in the lodge is making multiple patches in some cases every year. Why do I really have to have the multiple border colors with and without loops?

I’m just ranting on the lodges I collect in SR-5 (NC, SC, GA). I’m sure there are lodges out there that are far worse then any I or Mopar have referenced in these posts.

For the time being I will soldier on and continue to collect these lodges. It seems like a shame to stop when you’ve been keeping up with them for years and have some of the really good stuff and most of the new stuff. But for purely selfish reasons I wish lodges would stick to anniversaries and reasonable delegate stuff instead of some off these silly patches.

By jason on August 26th, 2007 at 7:02 pm

From a collector standpoint it is a little irratating. Okay maybe very irrataing. I myself have come to peace with it. I collect what I can get and wait on the others until they pop up, usually at the aforementioned lower price. I’ve found that the newer versions almost always come my way eventually. I still actively persue the older patches that I don’t have. I still find looking for the older ones more enjoyable.

That being said if I was a collector on a national level I would have already stopped collecting anything except standard issues and maybe national events. Our own lodge recently produced a new set celebrating the Oklahoma Centennial that includes 7 different flaps. Now for the collectors they have said they will order more if interest supports it. So anyone who wants a set locally will probably get one, but anyone out of the state will most likely end up out of luck.

I saw one set sale on Ebay for $100. But we all know how Ebay is. A mile wide and a inch deep. Probably not many more will sell for that.

By OkiePatchTrader on August 28th, 2007 at 4:12 pm

wonder if the newest creation from catawba lodge 459 the wedding flap is going to surface on the big auction block


By mopar73mopar on September 2nd, 2007 at 3:19 am

In response to Jason about the Tsali flaps from 2002 NOAC- Tsali did issue only 40 & 60 of the flaps. What has surfaced by patch works are fakes most easily identified by the border “tightness” for a lack of a better term. They know they are fakes & have given a recent buyer other flaps to keep him from leaving negative feedback when he protested. I agree that making such a limited issue in the first place is an inherently flawed plan, but try telling that to a youth delegation of only 3 boys!

By heel76 on November 25th, 2007 at 3:22 am

I know this wedding flap is not the first, nor will it be the last. Someone down here in Texas (my memory fails me) did that maybe 15 years ago, so as they say, history repats itself. We have had several young me here in Texas who while running for Lodge Chief issued their own flaps. One I can think of was in Lodge 578 and is highly sought after by the “list checkers” who have to have every variety of every patch issued by every lodge in their Section or Region.

By firstcalltx on November 29th, 2007 at 1:33 am

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