Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 11, 2017

I just got home from taking this 1 foot tall tub of mailings to the PO. I think there are over 100 orders in here which might be the peak for me. Now two weeks out my sales have crested and I am seeing lots of regular JSPs end with no bids. I’m going to let the horses run the rest of the August but once you go through your supply of the really good stuff it’s harder to have another banner day on eBay auctions.

I’m trying to keep all my strategies going which includes have albums on Facebook that people can scan and find things to purchase. I had been dripping these recent scans out there but decided to just create a new album with almost 100 pictures and hundreds of items available. This is a real miscellaneous group and if you see anything you want it involves some good old messaging back and forth to swap information and make a deal. That’s worked well for me over the last year so I am not going to slow down on that opportunity.

Over the last 72 hours I’ve recorded 2 podcast interviews and made requests to interview 1/2 dozen more collectors on their projects in the hobby. The audio will take hours to process and clean up for a proper episode but I’m excited that this fall I’ll be bringing back Scouting Hot Finds Radio 2x/month. My plan is to batch the interviews in August and have at least 8 of them ready to go that will cover me for that schedule. If you have never listened to a show or want to see what I’ve done (now 80 episodes!) check out Scouting Hot Finds Radio.

I’ve got 900+ auctions live on eBay with them just rolling over if they don’t get a bid. Luckily I picked up some good dupes and I’ve got some popular sets till rolling!






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