Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 25, 2017

The article that set off this firestorm was an article that appeared in Buzzfeed reporting on a letter sent by the President of the GSUSA to the BSA President. This was more of a nastygram. In one of the Girl Scout Facebook groups that I belong to a lady summed it up simply with these words “back off boys”.

Many of you already know Mike Walton who has quite a following online. He posted a longer piece on LinkedIn in which he kinda gave the history on the tug-of-war between BSA and GSUSA. Mike recounts from of the flirtation with merging in the 1970s and explains why he believes this fell through.

This story was even featured on Good Morning America with a long piece on their show regarding the letter and some analysis of the situation. When I say that it’s been a hot topic on Facebook that is an understatement – after all it’s the land where everyone has an opinion and is happy for you to know what it is. I’ve read message threads in the Woodbadge group and a Girl Scout leader group that had over 300 replies! This is why I kinda felt like I would break my own rule and share all this today with the readers rather than keeping it all on patches.

I don’t know about girls in the BSA but my daughter will be my companion to the Occoneechee Lodge 104 TOR this weekend. She attended this show a couple of years ago and I’ve talked her into being my sidekick again for this year’s event. I’ll be coming back from the beach so I won’t be getting there super early but I don’t plan on missing the big supper they serve at 6 PM.






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