Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 31, 2015


I will try not to write with too much excitement since I know that some of you are regretfully not able to make the trek to Michigan for the big event. However, I do have a lot of new details about the TOR that Chris Jensen shared in an email yesterday and I want to pass them on.

The most exciting news is for you staffers and lodge members in a contingent. You can now hitch a free ride to the TOR in style. The Lansing Center is only 3 miles from campus and Chris Jensen has chartered a “party bus” to shuttle people back and forth. That means when you show up on campus you can all pile in for a free ride over and back again (hint hint Monday!). Click here to see the complete email from Streamwood.

At the TOR there will be 300 tables full of Scouting memorabilia. Chris has published the floor map of the layout and you can also find your favorite patch hounds with a renter chart he provided. I will be in three tables near the concession stands. My booth will have ten years of accumulation from buying collections. I’ve sorted everything into three sets of dollar tubs (thanks TK for the idea). I suspect that I’ve got upwards of 10,000 patches for sale! The picture here shows my patch shed during the sort that took a decade of tubs with patches and turned it into my TOR floor display.

Yes there is also a World Jamboree going on even though my eyes have been solely focused on the NOAC. eBay will really light up over the next several weeks as these new issues hit the auction boards. You can count on your Hot Finds editor to keep you informed.

In the Sunday issue I’ll have pictures from the TSPA BBQ and the first day of the TOR. Should be exciting! I’ll be posting things on my blog site so visit often!






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