Itibap Blowout Sale!

Came across the auctions that grimtale is running this week and couldn’t help but think there are many steals in there. Check out the complete list if you collect Lodge 188 or Dixie Fellowship memorabilia.


See all his auctions!


If you need proof here are just two out of the bunch!


OA 188 Itibapishe Iti Hollo F1 Flap – Ultra Rare


1967 Dixie Fellowship Slide- Minty – 188






i mayself have been picking apart these auctions for some of my needs..if you notice all the rounds are gone well lets just say they found a nice home in the Cook Book! and it does benifit a person to haggle a little over price esp. on a best offer! vs buy it now!

I also hope to pick up some of those tough varitations too!

So far from the messages i have had with the seller he was a big collector in this lodge and is still active just condensing his collection some.

By mopar73mopar on August 18th, 2009 at 9:16 am

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