Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 30, 2015


I hope you get a chance to go through today’s issue and see all the unique auctions that I’ve featured. There is a great mix of the old and the new!

I had a friend send me a Facebook message from an estate sale yesterday asking me if I thought the price was right on a group of Scouting stuff. I responded late so I don’t know how it turned out yet isn’t it amazing how technology has changed the art of “digging” up this stuff.

I’ve sold a few of that very generic white background set and they have done really well. The other things that have done well are special issue patches that feature the same patch design as the standard one for the conference. Hindsight is 20/20 but I should have traded for more of those.

I have been featuring a lot of WJ items in this block and have been hit with a dilemna. One of my trusted readers has shared that a handful of sellers he suspects (strongly) of having made up all sorts of WJ fakes (not spoofs) and trading them at the event. Therefore, he is asking that I don’t put any of there items in the newsletter. I’m going to oblige him going forward but in general it’s about impossible from my computer to police who got what from where.

Price on new stuff is a very tricky subject. One of my colleagues and it now seems rivals in the patch business puts the price on a new two-piece flap set at $20. I’ve been following an auction strategy on all my stuff with the min bid at $14.95. My fascination with auctions is that I tend to think the market will sort it out and the good stuff will sell for more. So for that reason I’ve still got over 400 live auctions running on NOAC stuff.






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