Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 6, 2017

As I go to press I have 1243 live auctions on 2017 Jamboree stuff. Late Friday night I crossed the finish line and got everything listed that I traded for at the event. Minus a few things I’m keeping for myself this is all of it. Literally Friday night I was so blurry eyed I got my wife to help me for the last hour.

While I was at the lodge summer fellowship I got to walk around and see the recent camp improvement with a member of the exec board. We talked about some ideas he had for helping to increase numbers for summer camp. Behind the scenes there have also been some developments to improve the endowment backing the property. One idea I pitched was registering the trust as a charity through eBay and then people (like me) could designate a portion of their sales as a contribution.

The Guy Harvey set was practically a ghost at the Jamboree. The only one I saw was when a 13 year old Scout from my old town pulled out the one he proudly traded for at the Jamboree. His dad who was visiting that day was so nervous that something would happen to it that he was going to carry it back home rather than let it stay with the Scout. Probably a good idea as this was one of the most popular sets at the Jamboree. The plan was to frame this set on the wall and I hope it serves as a great patch trading memory for that Scout.

I am going to be buried with shipping for the next few weeks but I’m also pivoting in my mind to what happens next. I’ve got a few people lined up for podcast interviews and a project I’m getting advice on to feed the flames for those who just caught the patch bug.






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