Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 9, 2015


Well that’s a wrap! The NOAC is over and everybody is hopefully home or about to be from the big event. They announced that Indiana U will be the host of the 2018 NOAC so we get to return to Bloomington once again. Of course now the fun begins on eBay. People will be listing their dupes and trying to get the sets they missed out on. The Hot Finds will have you covered.

While at big events like this I focus on a 1:1 trading strategy that doesn’t always land the hard to find sets and delegates. However, I did snag some really good ones and my first round of auctions are about to end on eBay. I’ve got almost 300 auctions up now and hope to double that by the time I’m done today.

The patch trading economy at NOAC is so fascinating. On one blanket what is a 1:1 set is a 5:1 on another person’s blanket. I think some youth figure this out pretty quickly and hussle from one blanket to the next always trading up. I’m sure I had that happening as some kids kept coming to my 1:1 blanket time and time again. But it’s all good and they are catching the patch bug and having fun.

I never made it into the trading post but I’m sure they were doing a brisk business. Somebody needs to put together an after action report on all the “other” stuff that came out like sets from the patch vendors, special events, and TP items. Let me know if you are aware of said list.

I hope to get more reports from the patch trading and share them in the newsletter. I am still in recovery mode from sleep deprivation but give me a few days and I’ll be back to normal.






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