Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 25, 2017

Well it begins! Last night I launched about 6-dozen auctions up on eBay in the first wave of my trades from the Jamboree. Everyone has been so accommodating and helpful on site. The POTUS visit kinda shut things down early Monday but I’m sure it was a great memory for the Scouts as I got to see H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton when I was a youth and later Asst. Scoutmaster for troops from the Pee Dee Area Council.

It’s been real interesting running into all the serious patch traders out at the Jamboree. As in any small tribe there are friendships and rivalries and it’s all been part of the experience this week. I’ve been invited to dinner with friends and shared a bus multiple time with people who are not. In the end we can all do well to remember the Scout Law a little more in life.

I have been the 1:1 man at this Jamboree. I can’t tell you how many Scouts and Scouters have come back to my blanket for repeat trades because I’ve been practicing that old tradition in the hobby of 1 of yours for 1 of mine. I won’t come home with the primo sets doing it that way but I can’t begin to count how many people I’ve traded with over the last few days – hundreds easily.

The only sad part about the Jamboree is that it’s 1/2 way over now. My visitor pass gets me in for three more days before it’s time to set course for home. You only get to attend so many Jamborees in one lifetime and I’m really happy that this one is going so well.





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