Are New Shoulder Strips Really Worth More Than Vintage Ones?

Checking on eBay over the last couple of weeks I was surprised by the fact that the top selling CSPs are in fact fresh off the boat computer designed issues. I’m no expert in this area but three of the top issues were from Great Sauk Trail Council. There is a new CSP guidebook out so I for one am going to start paying more attention to these new issues.


Bronx Valley Council T-1


Great Sauk Trail Council CSP Final Ghost Patch Numbered


Great Sauk Trail Council CSP Wood Badge Complete Set!!!


Boy Scout CSP Two Rivers-Dupage Area Council


Grand Teton Council Sporting Clays Event CSP 2009


Grand Teton Council Family Camp CSP Set 2009


Great Trails Council Massachusetts S-4


Samoset Council’s CSP Collectable #5 2-Piece Set





It’s this whole contrived rarity thing that has killed CSPs unfortunately. Price is a factor of supply and demand so the low quantity special editions are tantamount to printing money. So to answer the question, yes, the new ones are worth more than the old ones. The easiest way to acquire a collection of old and valuable CSPs nowadays is to somehow issue your own restricted new ones to trade on a 1:1 basis for the oldies. <_<

By ISCA87L on September 3rd, 2009 at 5:16 am

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