August 30th eBay NOAC Scoreboard Update

Well its a fact that the tide is finally receding on 2009 NOAC issues on eBay.  As I write this post there are less than 700 issues on the auction site from the conference.  It has been a great run and in a few days I’m going to post some charts detailing what happened during the month of August on eBay.  But for now here are the best auctions from the period of August 26- 29th!


2009 NOAC 7 Flap Set Achpateuny Lodge 498

Lodge 195 2009 Complete NOAC Contingent Sets
Lodge 531 NOAC 2009 Collection 1 of 50 Sets (7 Patches)
Nentego Lodge 20 NOAC 2009 Full Set – 5 Two-Piece Flaps
NOAC 2009 National Council of Chiefs Staff Chenille





Oh, I think the show is crap, and I think every city -but- Boston reacted as they suolhd have–with amusement, and surreptitious removal. Shame Boston officials are sticking to the “terrorist hoax” story–and even more of a shame that Turner apologized for their marketing/art.

By Burak on September 6th, 2012 at 9:50 pm

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