CSP and Flap Wants

Other Wants


Chicksa 202 Conclave 2012 Issue

Ema’o Mahpe NOAC ’06

Any Batman themed event patches,CSP’s, or OA Flaps from any event


2005 National Jamboree Wants


Mascoutens Lodge 8

Awase Lodge 61

Hunnikick Lodge 76

Michigamea Lodge 110

Nachamawat Lodge 275

Shinnecock Lodge 360

Gabe-Shi-Win-Gi-Ji-Kens Lodge 374

Talako Lodge 533

Tataliya Lodge 614


2010 National Jamboree Wants


Alapaha Area

Anawon Council (Ocean Spray Design)

California Inland Empire (Guitars Design)

Chattahoochee Council (Aflac Duck)

Hawkeye Area Council and Cho-Gun-Mun-A-Nock Lodge (Star Trek Design)

Las Vegas Area Council Troop 951 (Blue Alien)

Old Colony Council (Shark/Humarock Beach)

Santa Fe Trail Council and Mandan Lodge

Ktemaque Lodge 15





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