eBay NOAC Scoreboard – August is a Wrap!

August is done and the page has turned to September.  This is the last NOAC scoreboard update I’m going to post regarding the incremental best auctions.  I’m going to keep the site running of course and slowly merge the format and focus. But for now here are the best auctions from the period of August 30- September 1!


2009 NOAC Orca Lodge 194 Rare 4-pc Set CA Free Shipping

NOAC 2009 Chi-Hoota-Wei 617 Complete Set w/ Jacket Patch
Blue Heron 349 OA NOAC 2009 Four Diff 2-part Flap Sets
Tonkawa 2009 NOAC Contingent Patch
2009 NOAC Owaneco Lodge #313 Sikorsky Helicopter Set!!!





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