Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 10, 2018


So far this week I’ve logged two days in my warehouse and am starting to get caught up. I was able to ship over 50 eBay orders Wednesday and yesterday I got caught up on Best Hobby Pages. Today the agenda is consignor reports and knocking out some more shipping. No playing with patches today!


I learned some things about how eBay runs on the back end yesterday. I’ve been frustrated that I couldn’t run a straight sale on my 2018 NOAC issues as I suggested in the Tuesday issue. Turns out an obscure rule they have is you can run a traditional sale on things that have not been listed for at least 14 days. I have a work around that will give everyone 15% off today on their total order but it doesn’t show the strike through pricing that people prefer.


Yesterday I filmed a video using YouTube live for the first time. The video quality was pretty good even though there are a few skips in there. The video was for Best Hobby Pages and was my attempt to demonstrate how the envelopes and pages work together. Turns out this is not as obvious for people that are new to the product.


Next week I’m going to add a new eBay partner to my newsletter. What I’ve traditionally done is link to people that I have deals running with rather than “selling” the ad space which might be the more traditional method. But it’s such a small hobby I’d rather build relationships than charge people a fee.


I’m a little frustrated with eBay right now but there is not much I can do. Now that the best pieces I traded for have been sold I wanted to slide into a sale mode to sell down my inventory but their arbitrary rules don’t seem to agree. So I’ll try the work around and make some sales.


I will put some time into my TOR calendar in the Friday issue before the next issue. The good news is that I have been building a TOR calendar on the website.








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