Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 01, 2017

I talked to Chris Jensen yesterday about catching a ride in his patch bus to some TORs this fall. Looks like I’m going to Central Ohio and St. Louis with Chris. I’m also going to Winston-Salem in December. This pretty much keeps my 1/month goal intact for this school year.

I do have a collection of OA flaps that you might call a traditional name/number set. I have been working on this collection on and off since 1997. So in this last collection four of the flaps went straight into that collection with the highlight being a nice 345 Koi Hatachie. I try to glean needs from any new collection that I pick up so it’s a slow going effort for sure.

I left Charlotte yesterday at 8 AM and got home early this morning a few minutes before 1 AM. The uHaul is parked in my driveway as I write this. I am under embargo until Tuesday to talk about what is in that truck but I’m pretty excited and I’ll spill the beans next week.

My Jamboree auctions all end over the next day or so and my project starting Monday will be to list them into the eBay store as fixed priced items. I know the math says that four years from now some of these will still be sitting there for sale. But that’s ok then I can take them to the next Jamboree and turn them into something fresh.




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