Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 15, 2017

It took almost three days round trip to get all the Best Hobby Pages product and set up in Charlotte. This picture was from the first day I pulled orders and got them off for BHP. Joe has been coaching me up on all of his processes so that customers can expect a smooth transition. Let’s just say my new best friend is Regional Rate A boxes from the USPS. Customers can typically expect orders to ship M-W-F as I’m doing this patch thing full time. So it blends in really well with what I’ve already got going. I want to thank Joe Klos for partnering with me for fulfillment and look for BHP at several TORs this fall including Atlanta, Columbus, St. Louis and Winston-Salem.

A few days ago I included a link to an unboxing video that I shot earlier in the week. This collection from IL took me a few days to get individually listed but now it’s all posted for sale on my website – every patch and pin all the way from the Lodge 23 event patches to the wooden nickels is now live for sale with free shipping.

Joe Klos rolled out Best Hobby Pages at the 2009 Pre-NOAC TOR and I was there with my camera to film a little video promo for him. This clip gives you a great idea of what the product does and where his idea came from when it was fresh off the production line.

If you have never checked out the site I invite you to go see what the product is. It’s an amazing envelope system with pages to hold your collection in albums. To this point Joe has sold over 100,000 individual pieces of BHP and I’ve yet to meet any customers that don”t think it is an awesome product. We have envelopes in six different sizes to fit your collection.

I hope if you watched the unboxing video I shot earlier in the week then you will go to see the IL Trunk Collection that I’ve posted for sale. I went through the box and listed every single item that was in the box.





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