Guitar Hero – First Flaps That Rock

First Flaps are a bit like the Dow Jones Industrials of collecting OA.   At least since the publication of the First Flaps book several years ago you can gauge the hobby to a certain degree by the up and down values of this collecting niche.  While this is a stretch hear me out.  You figure that for most of these first flaps the supply is pretty limited and mostly a known factor.  The trifecta of Lodge 272 sateen flaps from the last Dallas TOR aside – there was enough data for the authors of the book to stick a 1-10 rating on each First Flap depending on its scarcity and relative value.  Therefore the thing that fluctuates over time is more on the demand side and related to that is how many collectors still have money to spend on an expensive niche collection when their stock portfolio is in the red and gas is $2.50+ per gallon.  So what I’m going to do in this post is list examples of recently sold First Flaps on eBay and include the scarcity rating/value from the First Flaps book.  I’ll try and stick to mint condition issues when possible.  This is all wild conjecture since these were sold at both auction and fixed priced and there is a lot of volatiility in prices paid on eBay.  However, its all just fun so let’s see where it takes us!  Please, Please leave a comment in response to this post if you have anything to add or say about these prices realized.


BSA OA Lodge 479 ~ Quinipissa ~ S1 ~ First Flap (Not Mint)
Boy Scout Lodge 177 Victoria F1 First Flap
Boy Scout OA 454 Kamehameha Flap
BSA OA Lodge 73 ~ Sinawa ~ S1 ~ First Flap ~ Mint
OA Lodge Flap #470 Amangamek Wipit F-1 First Flap
BSA OA Lodge 358 ~ Echeconnee ~ S1 ~ First Flap
BSA OA Lodge 89 ~ Kepayshowink ~ F1 ~ First Flap ~ Mint





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