Pre-OA Society Patches


Brushcreek trading company has been selling quite a few pre-oa society items in the past few weeks. usually they are tough items for the collector to obtain from their area. this is generally the case since much of these items have little documented history other than word of mouth or a rare photo from the time that someone was actually wearing the said item in the photo.


Brushcreek has listed some items from south carolina pre-oa societies that they have gotten off of a blanket from their descriptions on eBay.


I as well as many other collectors in this area have not seen of nor heard of these issues that brushcreek is selling currently.


That is not to say that pre-oa societies didnt exist in South Carolina because we know for a fact they did. just not with the memorabilia being offered currently.


For example I have a full square kunieh patch from the spartanburg area used with skyuka lodge’s pre oa society which was also used in santee lodge as well. Other pre-oa society memorablia exists as well from South Carolina.


I would love to have a photo of the blanket all these patches came off of just as a reference and so i could do some research of my own from it.


Anyone else have any info on pre-oa societies in South Carolina they would like to share? lets get a topic stirred up on the patchblanket and generate some posts I know there are quite a few of you out there with knowledge in this topic.





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