Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 12, 2018


After trying to figure out eBay’s system I eventually gave up and just did the easiest version of running a sale. I manually dropped the prices on 330 NOAC Issues in my store. Right now there are almost 3,000 items running at auction with the words “2018 NOAC” in the title.


If you read the Hot Finds then chances are you are more into the vintage side of the hobby. Good news today is that I have a collection to offer up that has not seen the light of day in over 60 years. The Scout that assembled this collection attended the 1952 NOAC, 1953 Jamboree and 1954 NOAC and never messed with Scouting again.


When I visited the gentleman back in the Spring everything he had traded for at those events was spread out on a kitchen table. As a die hard collector you can imagine how my jaw hit the floor when I walked into his house. I enjoyed listening to the tales of patch trading at those big events and we made a deal for me to purchase the items.


Now that I’m home from NOAC and trying to settle into routines I am offering these items for sale. I’ve created an album of all the vintage OA pieces from this collection and priced things out. Take a look at my asking price and see if you want to purchase anything. Shoot me back and email and I’ll give you a link for PayPal or my mailing address for a check


My eBay store has shrunk down to the a little over 13k items since I’ve been caught up moving and the serving as a camp director all summer. Now I hope to build things up over the next few months as I consider the fall to be prime patch time was TORs fire up and everyone settles back into normal schedule after the summer.


This morning we are attending church for the first time all summer thanks to being at camp. I think for my family that’s a pretty good sign things are returning to normal.






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