Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 26, 2018

It took a while for me to jump through the hoops with eBay but I finally have my 15% off sale running on my 2018 NOAC items. Apparently they don’t like you running “sales” on relatively new listings so I had to wait them out until I could offer everyone a discount.


I think I may have found a landing spot for my daughter in Girl Scouts. She is determined to earn her Gold Award and so continuing to be part of a troop is the best way to make that happen. She bridged out of her former troop which choose not to have 9th grade “Seniors” as they are called. However a troop that we teamed up with to attend the 2017 Girl Scout Jamboree here in Charlotte has invited her to come visit a troop meeting.


I am a member of several Girl Scout leader Facebook groups and it looks like the buzz on the street is what many predicted would happen. The GSofA has realized they need to step up their game when it comes to camping and getting in the outdoors. They have rolled out new advancements and initiatives to counter the prevailing view that Girl Scouts is about cookies and crafts. I might be right in the middle of that so I’ll let you know.


I commented in the last issue that we has over 1/2 dozen girls express interest at the school open house I helped out at recently. This coming Thursday we have our pack open house and we will see how it goes getting parents to sign on the dotted line. However, our Pack has the advantage of already having some moms that have stepped up to be leaders so we have a strong nucleus already formed.


I also wanted to report that the first couple of days working with my new employee went great. One of our projects is doing a complete inventory of everything I have listed on eBay to avoid problems with orders I can’t fulfill or having patches in boxes that aren’t listed. Monday is a moving day but I anticipate next week we will begin settling into a groove.


There is an interesting thread going around on Facebook about what are peoples plans in their estate planning for the patch collections. Ironically I had someone talk to me at the Pre-NOAC TOR about that very subject. I’m just as guilty as anybody in not really writing down instructions in the event of my demise. I have a friend that I’ve talked to about it but not with any degree of details. Like many of you maybe that needs to be a personal resolution before the year is out.






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