The Fix Is In – Best Two-Piece Flap Sets From The 2009 NOAC

As I’ve been posting on the NOAC there have been big auctions on six patch sets, sets with jacket patches, and other groupings where lodges issued a multitude of flaps and sellers sold them as a lot.  This post attempts to identify if you just looked at single two-piece flap sets what were the top selling ones from the 2009 NOAC.  So what were the top individual sets sold on eBay?


OA 482 Black Eagle Lodge BEL 2009 NOAC Contingent Flap

Achewon Netopalis NOAC 2009 Delegate Patch 2 Pieces
Malibu OA Lodge #566 2009 NOAC Delegate 2 piece Set
Tannu Lodge 346 NOAC 2009 Back Patch Order of the Arrow
OA Quinipissa Lodge 479 ORG/BRD 2009 NOAC Set 50 Made
OA Lodge 355 Nanuk New 2009 NOAC Flap/Chevron Sold Out
Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge 209 NOAC 2009
OA Lodge 116 Santee 2009 NOAC 2P Flap GMY BRD Delegate





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