Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 15, 2020



This group also included about 40 binders that were the 3″ D-ring design.  So what I did was post on eBay that they were for sale sy $5 each.  Free pickup in CLT or a TOR that I would be attending.  Otherwise, I would give a shipping quote and just charge that exact amount.  This goes back to my theme of recycling things and such as when I spent hours sorting old plastic pages.


In about an hour I am leaving for Blythewood, SC to meet the Camp Barstow Ranger.  We are going shopping together!  I got a generous deal on a collection and it involves filling some things on the Ranger’s wish list for camp.  I will shoot a video and have it edited and published for the Friday newsletter.


My mom has been visiting for a few days and she brought me over 100 freshly sewn BSA vintage face masks.  You might remember me mentioning this before.  She took my vintage neckerchiefs and used a pattern to make them into Scout face masks. I am selling them on eBay and donating $3 from each sale to Barstow.  In fact today the Ranger is going to spend $39 from August mask sales for stuff he needs.  How cool is that!


Every night this week I have 25 auctions ending on OA conclave patches from all over the country.  Then on Sunday I have a little over 100 nicer OA flaps from a collection closing.  Without many TORs this is the only way to keep the business going so I’m throwing myself into online sales.


Yesterday I got a call from a Scouter who is considering parting with his Scouting collection.  I always enjoy hearing the back story on someone’s time in Scouting especially the guys that are life long Scouts.  I really feel like those of us in that boat have chapters like in a book.  For me that is definitely true.  I was super involved in OA and camp growing up.  Then I spent those married years before kids working with a troop and being a Scoutmaster.  Now as my kids are registered I’ve been volunteering with their units.  I had not worked on a camp staff in almost 2 decades when I got the offer to come to Barstow in 2018.  I hope you can see parallels to your Scouting story.





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