Whatzit: OA Patch Segment Given to Lodge Chiefs?

I posted this on Patch-L but haven’t heard anything yet, so I am expanding my search.


I’m looking for additional information about the following patch.


It is one segment of a larger patch design. This particular piece is the bottom left corner, it is triangular shaped, cut edged, has “C.A.S.T.” going up the side, a FDL in the corner, and “INDIANA’ running along the bottom.


I’m almost certain it is an Order of the Arrow patch, and I thought I had received it at the National Leadership Summit in 1999, as a challenge given to the Lodge Chiefs. However the Indiana is throwing me off. I’m thinking it had to have been from 2002 NOAC as I was just finishing my term as lodge chief, though I can’t remember what the challenge was to earn the rest of he patch.


If anyone has an image of the completed set or additional information I would be very happy to hear from you.





I’m still looking for an image of the entire patch with all three segments, but here is the story if anyone was interested…

The patch above was presented to the Key-3 attendees during the 2002 NOAC National Council of Chiefs. The meeting was titled Communicating Arrowman’s Strategy Today (C.A.S.T.) the patch was only given to those in attendance.

The second patch was given when a completed planning form was turned into the National Officer’s office at NOAC. Basically this was a plan on how the Lodge would implement the new programmings and strategic plan that was introduced at the Council of Chiefs meeting.

The third patch was to be received when the Lodge completed the plan.

I heard from a couple people that confirmed the above information. I’m not sure why our Lodge didn’t receive the second patch since 2 of the 3 of us were patch collectors and I’m sure we would have turned in the form to get a patch. Maybe I did and I mis-placed it. Who knows.

No one that provided information received the third patch. Does it exist? Were they ever sent out? Who knows.

By missingarrow on September 20th, 2008 at 8:22 pm

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