Centennial Uniform Council Patch?

Some of you have probably seen this patch before, especially if you read John’s Blog at OAImages.com.


This was my biggest fear with the new Centennial Uniforms. Everything was more subdued and less colorful, I was afraid CSPs as we know them would end and we would switch to a simpler Council Shoulder Patch. Bringing back the RWS days but with different colors.


In one way I think they would look better with the new style of uniform, especially in contrast to some of the “colorful” CSPs that have been issued. However as a CSP collector I would have been devastated.


What do you think a Khaki and Green CSP restriction would do to CSP collecting? Would everyone jump ship or would demand skyrocket?





When I ordered some, they told me that over 400 had already been sold. That means they’re going to run out soon or they’ll have to reorder. If it’s truly a fundraiser, they’ll do the latter.

By ISCA87L on October 27th, 2008 at 6:40 am

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