Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 6, 2017

One thing that got me rolling on this has been a lively discussion on Patch-L this week regarding classic fakes in the hobby and some of the characters that were in the middle of it. It occurred to me that literally this is the oral history of our hobby. If I could find some people willing to type that into an email then we can post it on the website to preserve the stories. Maybe a monthly column? Maybe bi-monthly? Do you have that in you?

I’ve tried a similar approach with but over time that has been a struggle to get consistent contributions. It is hard to keep these volunteer contributions going but I see the value in preserving these stories for the hobby and I hope my website can do that. I’ve got over 1,000 blog posts and almost 10 years of content on that site so the foundation is there.

What are some ideas that might work? How about a column about new issues coming out. How about one on camp patches or national officer flaps or any of the small niche collections that some of us are passionate about. If you have any ideas shoot me an email and we can test it out.

I have a bunch of SAPs up for auction and plenty of stuff from a collection that I got out of New York last year. Later today I’m going to build auctions for a notebook I have from a Wood Badge buffalo. He collected any OA flap or issue with that totem on it.





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