Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 9, 2015


I don’t know if its a purely local phenomenon but I’ve noticed a lot of Scouts and Scouters in my area interested in putting together a vintage khaki green uniform. When I was on camp staff in the 1980s that was cool but that was in a time when the tan shirts were pretty new. Now those green shirts are approaching 40 years old so I guess they are really become something you don’t see.

So next weekend I’ll be running my display at the Teen Camporee for the local Girl Scout council. I think I’ve got a pretty good idea. In addition to just having a static display I’m going to let the Scouts that visit my booth take a “selfie” in a vintage uniform. I’ve got several dress type uniforms that they could pull over their clothing (old ones!) and I have the matching hats etc. So if this generation is kinda self obsessed hopefully they will come to this photo booth idea.

Plans are percolating for the 2nd chance I’ll have this month to share some knowledge and promote the hobby. I’m teaming up with another brother in Santee to help put on a class during the fall fellowship. One cool thing we are doing is helping all the boys that come build their own patch trading notebook complete with free plastic patch holder pages. So rather than just tossing out free patches we are going to talk about how to build that trading notebook that many of us started out with.

I got an email from a fellow collector asking about me selling on consignment. I don’t really advertise that but in certain situations I do sell stuff on consignment for people. I’ve got plenty of my own common flaps, insignia camp patches etc. But if someone has a really interesting collection I’ll definitely consider making time to eBay it.

This week I’m running a flash sale in my Santee 116 category. I’ve got 150 unique listings in there including flaps, issues and activity patches. The sale is 25% off so check it out if that’s an area of your collecting interests.






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