OA Area/Conclave Memorabilia Report – Prices Realized

OA conclaves and the old area meetings are another corner of the market for Order of the Arrow collectors.  I personally collect the old area 6A (North Carolina), 6B (Dixie), and 6C (South Carolina & Georgia).  Checking eBay over the last several weeks I came across these top selling old area and conclave patches.  Due to all the mergers and alignment changes over the years its not easy for modern collectors to keep up with these older issues.  Some of them have wording on the item that uses different combination of the area or section numbers.  I still have a copy of the reference book that Chris Jensen helped to edit back in the 1990s.  It is invaluable for me when I come across these patches in a collection that I’m trying to sell.


1957 Area 6B Dixie Fellowship Patch
1954 Dixie Fellowship Patch OA 188 Hosted Mint
OA 1957 Area 6-E Area Conference PP Camp Small Tuff
1966 OA Dixie Fellowship Area 6-B Patch Eswau Huppeday





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