OA Lodge 200 Echokotee Fellowship Patches


Taken from John Pannell’s blog off OA images*


Echockotee 200 has issued a patch for its 2007 Fall Fellowship. Unless I am missing some issues, I believe this would be listed as eX2007-4.


This is not yet on the Echokotee page but I will add it soon.


This is the most recent entry in 2007’s ceremonial principals series. The designs and wording should be very familiar to all Order of the Arrow brothers. They?re all cool, my only reservation is that I would have questioned the propriety of the text included on the patches. I would have pushed either to have that text entirely excluded or have much shorter quotes used.


It’s kind of neat to see how far the use of laser cut-edge technology can be used on patch, but I wonder how these will hold up over time. I would imagine that the bow and arrow are very fragile, prone to bending and breaking.


The lodges in Florida have a long history of color and innovative activity patches. Several lodges have taken up the custom of having annual themes for their issues. Some of these themes may seem a bit odd.





Yea… I have a buddy from Nentico Lodge 12, but is going to school in FL… so he collects this lodge… I have some older patches from this lodge to send him that i picked up in Canada of all places lol!

Befor he told me that I sold a two of these patches somewhere 60-85 dollars each two years ago….


By redneck_patch_trader on November 28th, 2007 at 6:04 pm

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