Odd-Ball OA? Cork Flaps, Chenilles and Bullions

Everybody knews that there are plenty of flap hounds that consider the pocket flap the primo OA patch.  While I won’ t try and dispute that in this blog I did want to see if there have been significant sales on eBay recently on items that don’t quite fit that mold.  In doing research I came across plenty of interesting issues that bidders have been chasing on eBay.


Sukeu Woapalane Misspelled Cork Black Eagle Lodge OA 482
Sukeu Woapalanne – F10 Cork – Black Eagle Lodge OA 482
BSA OA Lodge 430 ~ Ahwahnee ~ C3 ~ Mint
1968 OA Scout Patch Lodge 433 Mi-Ni-Ci-No J1a Rare Vers
BSA OA ~ 401~Nakida Naou~J1a Prototype~No “401” ~Mint
Coosa Lodge 2010 Bullion 10 Anniv Flap OA 50 Lodge





The only auction site I know of is eBay and it *is* psiosble to get around their no teacher’s editions rule by advertising it as homeschool materials.Amazon allows sales, but it’s not an auction; you list the price. If CraigsList is available in your area, that’s another option. There’s also VegSource, which has a whole area dedicated to buying and selling of homeschool materials. You should also check out the Yahoo! Groups as there are several devoted to buying and selling used curricula.

By tin on July 7th, 2012 at 1:04 am

The cork flaps were made and sold as a fundraiser for NOAC. Dan Coberly and Matt Kirkland worked together to get these made. I don’t remember the exact numbers but these were a test to see if they could be made. Combine total was probably under 25. These reason for the low numbers was the company that made them wasn’t sure they could make them. Then the first misspelled the lodge name. I believe ten of the misspelled and approx 15 of the correct spelling were made. Originally the correctly spelled were sold at a Lodge function in Kaiserslautern for $75 and lasted about 2 minutes. Later another issue was made of approx 75 using the Black Eagle Lodge which sold for $25 which also rapidly sold out. All sales were limited to 1 per attendee.

By Chuck Kirkland on May 24th, 2015 at 8:08 am

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