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Its very rare that I make one of my own top 5 lists. As always there was good OA selling on eBay last week and two of these listings came from the santeeswapper.  What’s interesting is that I found four auctions to feature which all received just one bid.  The Nentego bucked that trend and pulled in multiple bids.

Item Title – Click To See The Listing on eBay Bids Image Link
Boy Scout OA Lodge 89 Kepayshowink F1 First Flap 5762X 1  
OA Lodge 363 Ma I Shu S1 Flap FF 1
OA 226 Manquzet X-1,Snowshoe,1950s, State Line Council 1
OA Lodge 411 Unalachtigo A2 twill; no “411”; 100×85 mm  1  
 Nentego Lodge 20 F1 First Flap Order of the Arrow  10




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