Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 18, 2020



I read this week about the launch by another collector of an eBay alternative called  As perhaps the self named king of eBay alternatives over the last decade I can say good luck as I’ve been down that road.  For those of you that remember to any number of other attempts I’ve made to go around eBay.


I can honestly say the only platform that is comparable to eBay is Facebook.  There are 17k members in the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group.  On days when I have time to deal with all the messages I can post things there (usually random stuff) and sell it with a better than 50% sell through rate. Nothing I have ever tried comes close.


I told someone recently that I always wanted to be like Chris Jensen and have this big off eBay store.  But it turns out I just never did get enough velocity to keep the new items coming and the traffic going to the store. So more power to this new venture and I hope he can be successful.  I can honestly say with all my inventory in one single eBay store I’m very happy with sales.  Now that eBay has eliminated the listing fee I plan to keep growing my store to 50K items and beyond.


A good example of me embracing eBay even more is my wall-to-wall auction strategy.  I have auctions starting and ending every night of the week and Sunday is the big finale.  Tonight on eBay I have 97 JSPs and 29 OA flaps and issues ending.


So just to be clear I do still maintain my own eBay alternative at The infrastructure is there so that if I want to list some special stuff and skip eBay’s 12% fees I can do that.  In fact on that store right now you can find more than 20k items for sale.  But I know that week over week it’s eBay where the eyeballs are.  There is no better feeling than to be working in the yard on a Saturday and getting that notification on my phone of another sale.  In my book that’s worth paying a small fee for the traffic.





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