Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 30, 2018



Ok so what I did was create a Facebook Page called the Scout Uniform Closet and in there I posted albums that had pictures of the uniforms that I had photographed and measured.  I spent a lot of extra effort ironing and cleaning the pieces prior to listing in order to make them shine.  Sure enough when recruiting season kicked in last month I started getting lots of hits.


My typical Facebook message is a mom who says help my son just joined and I need a Tiger uniform.  So what I’ve done is point them to the albums on the page where I have all the uniforms ready. However, after selling some all I have left are long-sleeve shirts which apparently are not that appealing any more.  I also don’t have all the modern slides, hats and neckerchiefs to go along.  So in the end it’s a lot of messages back and forth bearing no fruit.


I did have one leader buy a dozen shirts at a discounted rate which was my best sale using this strategy. But the lack of a way for the person to check out and all the back and forth is painful.  So when I come back to this idea I’m going to give up the album structure and instead just have a storefront where people can check out with a credit card.  I also need to add categories so I can offer the hundreds and hundreds of other uniform parts I have such as vintage olive green era shirts and pants.


The downside of buying all these collections is that you inevitably end up with so much “Scout Stuff” that you can never move it all.  Boy would I make a sweet deal if someone was willing to come to my warehouse and buy every uniform, or mug, or even better every book that I have.  Hint Hint Hint.


We spent the weekend getting the house set up including attacking all the boxes in the garage.  We’ve made lots of progress and as soon as I hit send I’m going to be back at it.  I do appreciate the advice from a reader who suggested that I take my wife on a date last night.  It wasn’t fancy but we did go out to dinner.





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